Saturday, April 9, 2011

It Is Ever Thus

Every year I organize a trip to the Dallas Auto Show.  Attending when they can are Nancy's two sons, a son-in-law, and three of our grandsons.  (There are now four, but the fourth is four days old, and his dad wisely elected not to join us this year.)  The grandsons are all wonderful young chaps, much beloved of The Memsahib and me.

Our Auto Show Expedition has a steadfast rule -- NO GURLS ALLOUD.  

We were making our way among the exhibits, when I noticed that the three grandsons, ranging in age from 4 to 11, were standing at the Cadillac turntable.   It was near closing time -- they were the only ones there.  I caught the attention of their dad, who is very adroit with the camera on his smartphone, and pointed out this touching tableau:

Click on the photo for a dramatic enlargement.

Here was my Facebook description (I'm "Pops," by the way):

"At the Cadillac turntable at the Dallas Auto Show: Samuel, Jacob, and Caleb Smith admire the fine lines and sophisticated chassis, the expensive upgrades and premium materials. But boys, take it from your Pops, who's been around the block a few times -- that model's going to run you some major dinero."

Samuel seemed quite taken by the Detroit iron, as he considered (but admirably rejected) an act of naughtiness in climbing up for a closer look.  Jacob and Caleb seemed more interested in the oral presentation.

The speaker continued her spiel as though one of these lads might be inspired to visit a Cadillac showroom to pursue a purchase.

As we were walking away, I said to Caleb that the lady talking about the Cadillac was pretty cute.  He made a dreadful frowny-face and insisted that he was only interested in the car.

Their mother left a comment on the Facebook entry:  "This picture cracks me up (sort of)."

The eternal conflict of the mother of growing, changing boys.

Remember that motto?  We may have to consider some modifications come a half-dozen years or so.

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