Friday, June 25, 2010

I Went to Hawaii and Stubbed My Toe -- on the Ocean

The Memsahib and I are having a fine time here on Maui, and headed to Kauai tomorrow for a few days.

I usually manage to injure myself or encounter some other misery-inducing circumstance on vacation, and this time the event was more embarrassing than usual.  I was in the Pacific Ocean at the beach here at the Farmont Kea Lani at Wailea on Maui.   The surf wouldn't impress Jan and Dean, but it was a little rowdier than I'd experienced in awhile, living in Texas and all.  I had been enjoying riding the waves up and down as they came in, and I wasn't so deep that I couldn't outjump even the big ones that broke berfore they reached me.   But I wasn't paying attention when a pair of big ones came in -- it had nothing to do with the brunette in the yellow bikini, no -- and it lifted me up and slammed me down to the sea floor when I wasn't ready and I, indeed, stubbed my toe on the ocean.

No causal connection

The Mem is an excellent vacation planner and we've had a fine time here in Maui.  Yesterday we went to the rain forest on the "Road to Hana."  We saw rain and a forest.   It was pretty impressive.  Also waterfalls.  And ate at Mama's Fish House near Paia. 

One thing I've noticed about Hawaii, at least at the place where non-Hawaiians tend to hang out, is that you absolutely cannot get away from Hawaiian music, or Hawaiian versions of music you used to like.

And the resort areas are pretty lame in the fast-food category.  The Mem snapped me at the successful conclusion of our expedition up the coast in search of regal fare:


  1. ... Reminds me, Steve, of when we went to Cabo for Jean and Christopher's wedding a couple of years ago. I didn't stub my toe but was attacked, viciously, by a giant wave that had no business rolling out as far as it did. I was taking pictures. The 'big one' cut my legs out from under me. I tried to protect the camera but was unsuccessful. No more pictures! I did end up with a new.. and better camera... (You've seen it!).. Have fun.. Unkjaw

  2. I was disappointed that your picture was not in front of a KFC. Janice