Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Why is Luke Wilson So Smug?

Why does ubiquitous AT&T pitchman Luke Wilson (brother of Owen) seem so -- I dunno, self-satisfied when he's making invidious comparisons between AT&T's services and Verizon's?  From here, it seems that Wilson has two problems:

(1)  Every iPhone owner I know holds two strong opinions:  (a) the iPhone is an absolutely phenomenal piece of technology that they dearly love, and (b) AT&T sux to a degree of suckitude previously unknown to humankind.  Spotty coverage is one problem, but the worst is dropped calls.   This is in sharp contrast to Verizon subscribers, who seldom have these difficulties.

(2) That is one terrible haircut.

So while AT&T is entitled to make a case for the quality of its wireless service, Wilson's sarcastic and unctuous attitude looks ridiculous to a public accustomed to AT&T's lousy performance.  Apparently he believes that the ability to talk on the phone and surf the internet at the same time is more valuable to consumers than the actual ability to place and complete calls.   It's as though Toyota had hired Pauly Shore to tout their renewed commitment to quality and safety.

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