Friday, April 2, 2010

You Can Say You Knew Her When

I interrupt this blog for some special pleading. The charming daughter of some fine friends of mine (Claire Colmar, daughter of Craig and Teri Colmar), is a finalist in a competition for a role on the hit show “Glee.” If you haven’t watched the show, I urge you to do so; it’s one of the Memsahib’s favorites and also one of my guilty pleasures.

May I ask you to go to the following site and vote for Claire, and pass it along to others? It appears that one must register on the “Glee” site to vote, but I suggest to you that this is a small price to pay to advance the career of this quite talented and serious young actress. (Register first, then go back and paste in the following link, and click the “save vote” box in text materials below her video.) Wish I had a photo to post, but the “Glee” site is resisting allowing me to copy her image.

Many thanks.

Vote for Claire Colmar here:

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